Epic Comebacks!


Go ahead and post your epic comebacks here!


I don’t have the video but I had two units left he had five and he had archers and sword people


Lol, nice. Same thing happened to me, except it was my one spearmen footsoldier legion versus two hostile swordsman and a marksman legion. The enemies retreated in the face of a dying army! Lmao


Here’s one…I left the island fortress to have a battle in the open…but my opponent took it and started camping…

…knowing that nothing would make him leave his stronghold I had to force an attack and lost all but my range…(a shitload of my troop’s dead bodies can be seen in the scrrenshot)

…he was left with both range, cav and a shit load of infantry…

…but started melting somehow…and lost morale and ran…

…little by little the heroic range won the battle…


Ya little by little u fuckin suck crini he probly just quit on ur ass ur shit prolonging game tactic is why he quit he distroyed your whole fuckin army all u have is range lol u pussy bitch your a disgrace to SW


Centurion is mad as fuck ya’ll…its easy to see because usually he doesnt use words like that, now he’s worse than Almighty with the cursing and shit…hmm mm! I think my guess was right about your latest loss…Whatever ping it showed in the left corner! Actually losing to you is a…distant memory…a feeling I somehow do not remember!


Lost moral thats what u call bordem i see in your screen were u have range going ito forest he fled from u cause he probly been chasing ur ass and said fuck it this coward has his fleei g tactics on point so it pointless chasing u u suck


No no no no…follow the screens, read the lines…not at all like you are making it out to be! You desperately need a perc right now…your stress hormones can cause a convulsion!


Im sure it is forgotten by u u tend to forget all the stupid shit u do and talk about others for doing the same i seldom have the time for your shit tactics just to get 1 victory from u is a 30 min game you can have all ur cheap victories against me cause your inferior to me in every way. You win 98%of your games due to bordem your opponent would rather quite then chase u suck


4 last wins in a row…hmmm about 30 min in total! We see how inferior I am…Relax!


Lol ur cheap victories were i QUIT cause i seen u purposfully saving range and cav to run i told u i aint waisting my time so those wins you pride yourself are jokes all the victories i have against u are all legit ALL not one have i posted were it was clear ur ping droped or quit but thise are the only wins you get against me so yes inferior to me in all ways exept in the ways of cowards you hold the upper hand in that and you can keep that i have no intrest to be a coward in any sence


Eric ur a wonderfull guy…keep quitting


Coward still try to :running_man: but his inferior style crumbled to my ever changing Centurions
A lagit win i dominated his ass in less then 4 min and it was no glitch these are what real victories look like crini.


Eric, Eric…first of all this is for comebacks…second of all I had no idea who I was playing to begin with…and that had its effect! Andhere you go getting exited like a gay teenager who is getting his dick stroked by his boyfriend for the first time! Good for you…


What differance does my logo make you still got your ass whooped by now you know my tactics and movement enough to know its me so keep your excuses but or are you saying you would have worked harder at running away​:grinning: you didnt run good enough is what your saying?? :joy: you got beat whether you saw my logo or not .
Cowards blood runs strong iin ur vains :grinning::grin:


I would have worked way harder at running…and eventually destroying you like I usually do most times!


Distroy :joy: you bore me to defeat, that i am guilty of,Your the king of cowards there is no equal