Eric alexander the g8 clan


Join my clan and keep score individually name wins-loses 0-0


Pink icon identifies as g 1-0


Hoping to start a tounament of a few selected expierienced players winner wins a donation code for amazon


Best of 3 matches a type of elimination battle possibly or something not sure still planning


By amazon i mean. Gift card


Post name and if interested


I will battle u and keep score when there is enouph score keeping. The higher wins will advance till there is sufficiant players to have a tournament


Pize could be 20 25 dollers not alote but something to play 4 will send code code 4 card to amazon. Its. A fun playing 4 a prize and will post u as winner mabe even show battle after on youtube but not sure


Will send code via gmail


Jezzadjesta -0 he hase the lead1


Jez1-0 …


I would like to battle you some time. I like your idea to keep score. You can rethink that prize idea after we battle :wink:


That sounds good by btw im Egames00 the one u told about forum


The prize thing is just to give it a more competitive layer its not alote of money but we play 4 free anyway but i only want expirenced players as it makes it more strategic and intresting


Name the time im in usa




Oh he is that D player, he called me a pussy :joy:


He is a good dude. I think we are 4-1 now, @Eric_alexder_theg8?


6-1, but you are getting really good. I was lucky to win that first match.