Exclusive Mongol Horde Clan created...for the feared and the hated!🎖


Karma is a cold brutal thing


Someone is full of himself after two close wins…


You talk down to everyone , you deserve what you get


What do I get? I get mostly wins! Ask your cheerleaders…


And I have destroyed you before that on two more custom battles , I butchered you then. You lost 4 times and talk down to us all , look at your own comments.


You have never “butchered” me…you have won close battles with small margins on your side! Watch a battle between me and Scipio or Rommel, then you will see “butchered”!


Your wrong dude . Have a nice day , and don’t talk down to everyone


Bye bye


And by the way 4 battles aint shit…Me and Centurion for example have had 100s of battles, it has happened that one has won 4 in a row…but then things switch up and 4-5 in row get forgotten! And again 4 that were extremely close and could have gotten either way…relax ur ass


Go suck…fucking bullies! Try to kiss ass on whatever is above and try kick down on whatever is below…thats your clan!


Salty little fellow , you started this by being rude to my clan , this is on you , you can’t handle the truth . Bye bye


Cant handle what? What truth? Whats on me? Desillusioned trick…You got two wins…ur not the first I lost to…and not the last either! So relax ur rectum!


Though I respect Crni as a warrior I am unable to meet his standards as a soldier and am hereby no longer a part of this clan.


You kind of …never were!


Calm down man, just a game.


I am calm…every action has a reaction though!


says the person who can’t spell “selves”




Fuck off bulgaria you irrelevant piece of shit


you are turkey’s little bitch