Exclusive Mongol Horde Clan created...for the feared and the hated!๐ŸŽ–


chikrani your clan is a fuckhole and i am with zhao yun and horselord 100% remember my 3-1 win rate boi


also mongolians are horse-shaggers


chikacrni, you are a good player, i respect that. but the problem is when someone better comes along, you bitch and make excuses and blame it on the wifi, and when we retaliate in kind you name it bullying and make us out to be the assholes. i donโ€™t have much of a problem with you, but the fact that when i beat you, you didnโ€™t even consider for one second i might actually be your tactical superior,but just immediately named me a cheat, really just tells me all i need to know about you. and then you brag about beating some newbie guests who only just started? you are a textbook narcissist, and that is why we condemn you. with post like these, you are just digging a bigger hole for yourself.


The only time England has beat Bulgaria in a war campaign is when they bombed from the air! Even then an almost non existing airforce took down a disproportionately big number of aircraft! During WWI we built pyramids fom brittish heads! Bulgaria fought real armies, we did not travel to remote islands far away and exterminate defencless people!

Like the killing of britts was at a ratio 6/1โ€ฆthe first battle of Doiran was a slaughter!

Bulgarian khan made a silver platet a bysanthine emperors skull and drank wine from it!

Bulgarian king walked into Constantinople and forced the Bysanthines to crown him emperor!

Another bulgarian king completely destroyed the cruisaiders from the latin empire!

Bulgaria is a nation that has earned its right to existance in the most contested spot on the planet! Not protected by water as an island!

You are very well educated.


You found a spelling error, english is not even my native and I speak 5 more languages, how many do you speak?


Mongolians are great fighters, great wrestlers and today they are among the best mathemaicians! As I know a few immigrants from mongolia today, they perform with honors in whatever academic or proffessional venture they undertake! Usually very well educated! You just showed how simple and transparent you are through your comments! Nothing I said about britts is untrue, most of the things you said are complete bullshit, and then you wonder why you are being called ignorant! Apparently in your case its for a good reason!


But here is a chance to educate yourself! So you dot talk out your assโ€ฆ


I didnt name you a cheatโ€ฆYou are lying your ass off! I said you took credit for glitch lagg which made your troops invincible and as soon as I mentioned it to you you became dismissive in an extremely disrespectfull way! There are players that give me trouble you are not one of them! Scipio is better than youโ€ฆYou can find me in the lobby!



And I do not deny losses, but you havent beaten me even once really, exept when one of your cav units was gltch-boosted and managed to destroy a whole army in a melรฉ! And as you still mention those as legit wins, well shit am not going to call you names! But what does that say about you!?




Is it just me or is this man toxic


You dare insult the great khan! The Mongolians established a huge empire! I will admit that they didnโ€™t keep it 4 long tho.


Hey chikacrni how do u feel about da truce?


It cannbe achievedโ€ฆbut only through a confrontation on the battlefield!


Ok but Iโ€™m grounded right now :frowning:


Well if you are older than 13 you should rebell!





When you try to hit the run button on the touch screen for the 9th time and you fail every time, in the middle of a chaos melรฉโ€ฆ