Exclusive Mongol Horde Clan created...for the feared and the hated!๐ŸŽ–


If you tap an arrow it tells them to run. I prefer this method over the run. button most times


I like Bulgaria sir


I once banged a Mongolian woman


Yea but I like mark all and run! Tapping arrows hasnt worked that good for me, its mostly a problem when I have to quickly retreat with all my troops marked!


Lol retreating i think is the problem more then the running not working if you ever seen me play i dont retreat i manuaver lol jk. I once heard a wise man say you might see me run side ways but you will never see me retreat lol


Ok, great for you! Suprisingly passive-aggressive today! But with all that said, as I at tmes feel the need to retreat, because of a bad angle, position, taking arrows without being able to fire back or whatever the hell reasonsometimes I fail to press the โ€œrunโ€ button as I have marked all and it frustrates me! But heyโ€ฆfeel free to play any way you want!


Get a stylus it makes everthing easier i made a made a made shift stand wit a mini sized basket (for school supplies etc) with tape placed over it and glued velcro to the tape and velcro to the back of my phone +kneeded earaser to keep it firmly placed. It makes it easier to move without your fingers havind to do all the work


You ok!?


Are u ok not sure what u mean


I might have misunderstoodโ€ฆI will go back n read it again!


I mean like a pen for your phone it has a rubber like eraser ment to be used on toucan screens


Oh sorry my badโ€ฆyou mean you play like that?


I could actually try that!


Hay why does cent call you crini if I may ask


my user name is โ€œchikacrniโ€โ€ฆnot โ€œcriniโ€, but โ€œcrniโ€โ€ฆgoddammit


What about crini


The is no โ€œiโ€ between the โ€œrโ€ and the โ€œnโ€โ€ฆ


Oh OK crni


What does Chikacrni