Falling of the edge


I dont know if his has happened to anyone else, but as units give chase to a fleeing unit, they seem to fall off the edge of the earth unless u do not activly stop them! Anyone had that problem besides me?


Yeah if you don’t stop your units they " fall off the map " :skull::skull::skull:

At first I didn’t like that either but it doesn’t bother me anymore


well jolly for u then…


@chikacrni :fu:t4::alien:


Yet again u showbox ur nasty personallity…


Mi vale madre puta … i was just trying to help you at first by letting you know why that happens but if you going to be a snob towards me don’t expect me to be friendly :skull:


tu madre tambien! How is “it used to bother me but now I dont mind” gona do anything???You’re simply a miracle maker aren’t you!?


Im no miracle worker but I adapted pinche pendejo

If you are only using the command bar at the bottom of the screen you will always be slower to someone that knows the commands by double tapping troops and the same for stopping units

Double tap single unit (hold) then place unit wherever on the map that you want and they sprint

Double tap single unit to stop unit

You can also move multiple units at once if you tap ,then hold the unit it will tag a grey bubble around the units you want to move at once


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