Fighting,throwing,charge and walking animation


And the last 3 scalps I took from u the other day, actually yesterday were like >5 min battles all of them…so enough with the “1 hour”!


Lol imagine if i used these runing tactics lol you would never win insted if i know its gonna take 1 hour to win i let you have it rather then making you chase me for hours as i kill your units 1 at a time with my range taking possibly hours litrally


No thanks a win dont mean that much to me a fun game is worth more then an extreamly long drawn out win




A ranking point system would be kind of nice!


So this is me 6 months ago complaining about archers running and just plain complaining in frustration like u guys are now…

this is me actually being that archer, but still complaining about…

And this is Centurion here explaining a thing or two about the situation…so thank u Centurion, I adapted, no more complaints, just loving it…

I guess it was working for u !


Actually sorry Nikodil, the way I wrote that in frustration, was abit too much of a chritisism from a new player who himself didnt know how to play! A bit desrespectfull to the game I would say…


And here Centurion, if the letters are too small in the screenshots! Very good explanation by the way! I listened took it in and stopped complaining:

"The whole game is unrealistic but realistic as it needs 2 be to have multiple layers of technique that situation u were in is ur fault you didnt protect ur archers good enough that u were left chasing a much lighter archer unit that can cover more ground then ur much heavier infintry and there is no stamina in this game thank god but even if there was ur infintry would still tire first due to heavier armor well archers would still be in range to shoot ur infintry 4a longer time just evalute ur technique protect ur archers try 2 keep at least 1 Calvary unit kind of healthy dont engage ur calvery in the infintry battle unless they are already ingaged with ur infintry then smash into the back of the enemy"

Maybe Centurion should take a note from his own words!


Lol just cause i gave a reason and solution to this problem doesn’t mean i like it. If Nickodil was thinking on making improvements this could be a start but if he dont he don’t. I hate chasing its no fun but the reality is currently this is how this game functions and this tactic is here to stay for now atleast but i will ask it to be changed but if it ain’t its not gonna kill me. Thats why i recomend rockets to counter this long game tactic


i dont think we should have limits since i like everyone sprint my men everywere and limiting archers running will damage that and i love firing down as long as possible wich again limited ammo will stop that if you can think of a way to stop runners without damaging these two points than your welcome ill have a few more wins on my resume

just give any other idea and your welcome


…to add, you did not only give reason and solution, but pretty much justification aswell! Anyway I learned from it, adapted and made the best of it! I love this game!!!


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