Formations and Strategies for Samurai Wars


It’s awesome to see something I made break the 1,000 view mark! It is so cool to know that something I made has taught people all over the forum how to play better!

Any advice for a new player?

I’m not a noob but I found this very informative and has given me some new ways to view the battlefield. I think that time is a big factors in a battle. I find myself switching strategies suddenly once my opponent becomes comfortable and thinks he’s got it figured out. I base my a lot of my strategy on my opponents first moves and how well they avoid attacks. Having a flawless strategy and executing a flawless strategy are very different.


I think a battle is a conflict of movement. Stalemates dont go on for long (unless you are the freaking trenches). The battle will flow, just take the right stream.


Cool pallo


Nice work here, solid advice. Being a seasoned player, I can definitely confirm.


+1 Nice guide , good job:)


Hey, I am also a hodtory buff, I leard a lot about the triplex aciez this,strategie is hard to use but when used well can be verry effective. When I read an other articel you sead that youp can ude skirmischer cav as archers but I disagree with this because they have worse range than archers and thzy are with less


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Wouldn’t using Calvary to charge in and fall back before hitting so that the enemy archers hit their own side because ussaly people put archers in the back



That is really no good idea xd

I suggest you building up some kind of wall/shield to block of footmen, or as he describes earlier in the tutorial - place your footment slightly behind your archers and gunners in order to move them in front of the archers during enemy footmen assault on your troop. THIS IS VERY EFFECTIVE - as your archers will be able to damage the enemy more then the enemy can damage you ;3


The trick of this game is to make more damage to the enemy then taking damage yourself, archers & gunmen are therefore great units to take out enemies without loosing men yourself ;3 :smiley: :smiley:


Ranged units are always in front. If you are playing against someone who doesn’t put ranged units in front, your victory is guaranteed.


For all new players theres good concepts here


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I came up with my own tactic, essentially I formed up in a square and went around the side with my Calvary, they sent about 60%of their forced to take on a lancer and horse Archer unit. This was on the map with the river innthe middle and the two cliffs for context, my horse archers fired down into the enemy while tye melee Calvary defended. Since he dedicated most of his forces I moved up my main infantry force and skirmished what was left down before pinning the remaining forces against the cliff. It works well against players who aren’t likely to just rush you or ignore the Calvary flank


Do not charge first


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For me I try to put the players in Panic


Spread out they’re stronger units and if they are done with I would Run around the Remaining Troops and shoot them