Forum roleplay - Interest check


Name: James Barathon. Rank: Chief Position: Leader of the Sons of the Fallen. mercenary group. Appearance: 5ft 11 brownish blond hair,hassle eyes,about 18 years old. Brief History: His father was the king of Helithia. but after having his father murdered by his cousin when just 4 year old the general being loyal to the king fled with the boy and 200 men and started a mercenary band after the generals death James became the leader and now seeks revenge. Personality: Friendly but a bit fiery,slow to anger,good with his men and with his captives,and not the most religious of men but has faith. Other: Favorite weapons are spear and big shield and also has a great love for horses.


Never done a forum rp b4. Done lots of tabletop stuff tho :crossed_swords:


I also have gm and dm experience if u need a co-gm


so r we doing this?


I respect the role play nerds in you, I played some when I was a child, but you should put your energy on the battle! I mean we’ve seen how these things go, spirits and motivation are high as hell and then the “are we doing this” messages start dropping in…“battle and squat every day” is what the old monk from the white mountain above the bamboo forest, Li Hua said no less than 13 times during the days of golden sunsets!


We just do this for fun


Yea great! Good for you that you are having fun making imaginary and such interesting characters on the forum, while the battlefields lay empty!


This sounds pretty interesting! I’m interested in joining these role plays !:cold_face::zombie:‍♂️:person_fencing:


Wait are you going to do actual battles in a role play set up or is it gonna be all on paper…:thinking: im not in tuned with these big words like forums and what not so I’m lost :man_shrugging:t2:


It’s gonna be battles I think


never done a forum rp b4. how it gonna work?