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Slight touch of help for uploading a photo, I had a tactics screenshotted and explained yet the upload photo button doesn’t work.


It doesn’t work on the app. You can go to the website at, which works much better anyways. If that doesn’t work you can upload them to imgur and link them in.



To defend against cavalry:

I use boxes to defend cav charges. When you defend, don’t target the cav or your troops will follow and get disorganized. Instead move your troops on routes that intercept the cav. You can figure out where the attack will come based on the holes in your own defense.

If the cav run straight through a unit they don’t deal all that much damage. If they charge through a couple spears or glaves they take more damage. Keep your units close and the opponent will just shred their own cav and do little damage. Try not to bunch though or the enemy can take advantage of that with ranged units.

Practice cav charges yourself and you will find ways to counter it.


Alright, thanks for the pointers, I definitely will practice.


Diamond form worked surprisingly well for me, and it quickly broke three cav units morale.


I used sandbox to discover that a cave unit will flee really fast if it charges through one spear, one glave, and is being attacked by a samurai.


I use an arrangement like this a lot. In this game I was too aggressive with the cav and the player quit. Sometimes it is best to let the opponent get set up first if you want a better game.


Sounds Interesting.


Since my account won’t sign in on webpage oddly enough, would someone like to help me tweak a new tactic? I wanted to show but obviously can’t right now lol


If you are using a computer on you need to use Firefox.


Android platform, still the same thing for that as well?