Forum thread for tactics


Well Guderian, as one wins one leaves alot of frustration behind one’s self, this is the result! Half stories and lies!


Sure, I accept that it is a good tactic, it is just that not everyone has the time in the world to do this. Where is the fun in this if it is so boring just chasing a cav or an archer around the map for hours? We live in different time zones, so some people can’t really play all day long.


How many times have you chased me all day long!? Really?


A lot of times. One day for me is technically the whole time that i could play within the day


Not true! Actually I remember once I tried to run andkite in the forest with you! Centurion…countless times, although he might say 30 min is. 300 min, but you…naah…stop it!


But hey…its a war! And blitz tactics work only on ill prepared poles and frenchies! And when winter comes you find yourslf freezing to death running after an enemy that is not there!


I see Eric is replying…interesting…


…one min later…Eric still replying…am eager!


There u go bringing my name in to this crini, when are you gonna learn just battle and use all available men in main engagement dont purposefully save your fast units if this was real life the army wouldn’t chase you they would just head to your camp rape and pillage everthing there for your coward tactics so i dont know why you use this tactic its crazy you keep trying to implement this coward tactics


In real life american drones kill children in Peshawar! Fortunatley this is not real life…


Why the fuck you keep bringing up “real life” for…and lol…after Flick got his ass kicked for the 10th time he’s liking “real life”…I remember how he was explaing how: " this is not real life, its good as it is", just like Centurion was explaining shit long time ago! Funny how some ass beating make you do a U-turn in life…


You guys grrr…


Why the fuck you don’t understand that running cowardly for hours can’t save your ass from getting kicked lmao ,asshole,now who game community know how big runner you are ,and you call running like bitch for hours a tactic :joy::joy:how funny


Did you mis your lunch pills again!?


@ALMIGHTY2.0 @chikacrni you guys seem to hate each other


He got humiliated a few times, thats why he is a bit aggressive now…and shoots through the roof if he gets a to win…once…every four months!


Haha nice dream bitch and how many time you r ass got kicked by me😂.? running bitch


Don’t open your mouth too big otherwise someone will put something in it


You see he’s very aggressive…he wasnt like that in the beginning! You draw your own conclusions Flick!


hmmm. after giving this a bit of thought… i still think you guys hate each other