Friendly fire on my cavalry


My archers keep shooting my own men esspesily when the enemy attacks on the flank and I counter with my calvarly. You would think 1 Calvary plus achers would beat their one cavalry but I always lose. Am I to close to my cavarly? How do I stop friendly fire.


Click on unit and press hold or plreposition them.


You gotta account for speed of calvery your arrows are falling behind enemy insted hitting your pursuing cav to counter cav and protect flank have a guard placed in front of your range dont move him let enemy cav smash into him as your range fires on him if he dont smash into him the enemy is likely using his cav to distract you he will hit n run dont persue especially with the guard use your own cav to take advantage ofthe fact he didn’t have all his cav protecting him insted hit n run on his range