Fuck sof and who ever is in that clan


Single battles arent very interesting


I had a feeling that was coming! Good day then…hehe


What kind the feeling of jacking off ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I will fight you still i am no coward




I guess we have a answer to can you beat me


Yearight with a glitch worse than I have seen from the oldern days, when range units trashed cav like simple peasants on the field…try again! I may be known for many things…denying fair n square losses is not one of them…but that bullshit cannot côunt


Your cav lost because they were outnumbered
Im more than happy to defeat you a 2nd time to erase all doubt


Get a normal connection first! Taking cred for unplayable network glitching is a fogayzy…


I use wifi so i dont really see how thats a problem maybe your just mad you got beat after all that shit you were tryna talk


I dont like loosing…but I never deny it! Network glitch invincibility is a fact, we have been through this on this forum


Yowza! What have I missed!!?? Things seem 2 hav escalated whilst I’ve been gone.




Hey can i join




Hey wtf SOF is lit