Gestures 👋



I have to admit that over time the gesture handling code had grown into a spagetti monster (not the pastafarian kind but the coding one). It has now been rewritten / refactored and is now much more logical and readable, which makes it a lot easier to add adjustments. I also think I’ve finally found a consistent set of gestures that works really well for the kind of commands you want to do in this kind of game. In the next couple of builds I will work on making sure the gestures work as intended.

Here’s a brief reference on gestures and commands:

Selecting units

To select a single unit, tap the unit marker. To select multiple units, first press and hold the first unit marker until it becomes selected, then tap additional unit markers to select or deselect them To select several units, first double-tap and hold until the selection marker is activated, then drag the selection marker unto the unit markers you want to select. To deselect a unit, tap the unit marker. To deselect all units, tap an empty spot on the ground.

Moving units

To issue a movement order, press the unit marker and drag it along the path you want it to move. If multiple units are selected, they will all move together. Alternatively, to move units along a straight line, first select the units to move, then double-tap the destination point. To adjust the movement of a moving unit, press the unit “ghost” marker at the tip of the movement path and drag it to the new destination. To charge an enemy unit, drag the unit marker unto the enemy marker.

To change the speed of a moving unit (toggle between walk and run), single tap the tip of the movement path. To order a moving unit to run, double-tap the tip of the movement path. To halt a moving unit, double tap the unit marker.

To change the direction of a unit, press the direction indicator (small arrow) in front of the unit marker (or the “ghost” marker of a moving unit) and drag it in the direction you want it to face.

Command bar

Selected units can be commanded using the buttons in the command bar, such as Halt, Move, Run, Hold. and Fire.

New build of iOS/Android/Web (170921.2048)
New build of iOS/Android/Web beta (170907.1951)
New build of iOS/Android/Web beta (170914.2059)