Great Conquest of Europe


Wow your really proud of yourself


And who said i avoided you and its kinda creepy how you know when i play this game


Proud of myself…shiieeet…not after beating you! But enjoying myself I am! And yea…be creaped up mofer! Im watching you :eye:! Can you believe this with all the shit you talked…shiiieeeett


Rodrik the court jester…


Nice pic of Tyrion the Imp lol


qIts not a pic its a painting and it was painted hundreds of years before television was created!


I know it’s just a joke lol


Btw listen to a song called The Minstrel Boy great song I’m being serious now


This faaking song for three days now! I go listen to it, since ur terrorising the shit out of me!


You just reminded me of how much I resent brittish culture! Thank you


Crni as we say in Malaysia Sabar Bah


Did you like it ?


People join the discord server: so you can all join @TheHorseLord in death


May you Be shown the right way


Alright so I just was handed over Romania after two fights. First one, Grayrider bugged out and second one was against One_Man_Army and we were kicked out of the match for some reasons. One_Man_Army gave me Romania anyway which was very honorable because I’m pretty sure he would’ve won the match.


I take back Anatolia with this


Here is the current map of the conquest. Tell me anything that’s still wrong. (Everything made by me)


Looks good