Guys im leaving


Hay guys from now on I will only play on Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday I’m doing this cuz I have noticed I have an addiction to this game so it’s for my own good so to all my clan members I want you to be most active during those days


Well i look foward to seeing you those days ya the game is quite addicting thank god i have a family that dont mind(most times😒) just cant get enough of the tactics its ok to be addicted as long as you take care of priorities(job family etc.)


Ya but for me it has caused many problems I get grounded for watching the phone to long and then I cant see it for a week


It will be sad not having you around as often. I have enjoyed watching you grow as a warrior and leader. Cutting back on the screen time is a good idea at your age think. I didn’t get a smart phone until I was in my 20s and feel better off for it. Not only games, but connection to media certainly causes adiction.

Spend your extra time reading, running, and practicing karate or something. Strengthening yourself in real life can make you a better tactician.


I agree