H.S.C army fractions ( join now) if you are frequent visitor


Assyrian Empire-A.H.S.C. Viking Empire-V.H.S.C
5Crown Empire-5.H.S.C. Dragon Empire-D.H.S.C
Golden hord Empire-G.H.S.C. Roman Empire-H.S.C

post screenn shots of victories over players and take there territory post on samuraiwars.org


Join join join


Leave a post with the empire u wanna join


I’d like to join this clan and join the recruit map as Armenia


I can put 1 territory in Armenia for you but must conquer to get more play for 10 days and get 20 territories read the link i sent you it has all the details


And what clan faction


Join here anyone


I would like to join


I thought you would join the republic


how do i add the HSC


So which clan you want join house of soldiers or the Roman Republic


Idk you chosen whicchever needs new recruits


If you play a lot join hear


Your not an Arab are you




Ok if you want to join the republic add T. R. R upfront of your name


I want to join HSC


So do I just put HSC


I don’t know


Yes H.S.C or whatever faction of H.S.C you want to join T.R.R is not my clan