H.S.C army fractions ( join now) if you are frequent visitor


Cent cency is better name for you
Thinking how I told the guy to join my clan and then you get the great idea to tell him to join your clan




I wanna join


Sure you can join, you show great teamwork i will put u on rank as sone as i update probly tommorow you can battle anyone on territory map and post it in territory bank to claim there territory or they can claim yours if they defeat you so check territory bank


Put H.S.C. in front of your name or whatever faction you want that you see above we are in war with other clans so anyone with different abbreviation be sure to try to beat especially T.R.R, dont worry if you cant beat them i can battle them and regain territory if they took any or if you want the challenge of gaining back it’s up to you,


Wow I gues we are now enemys centurion you have made many enemys like TGO and No Mas and you are always fighting Nox but I gues that wasnt inufe


Ya after u stealing my logo and refusing to remove we have become enemies😀


Dont go to a clan with a real name not a trash name like this and there leader is a cry babby lol go to a real clan for real men


Scipio we all know my clan is stronger then yours


Ya sure it is thay arnt even active


Hay how do I use the paimter app


Are you fucking kidding i just played a few of them how are they not active


Oh ya metal


He is the only one


All of them stupid


I got patrick,chief,andrew,Jcxl,the dudeand more


Yours are stupider oh and almighty


Ok ur point is u got clan members




My clan members are stupider cause they can beat u :grinning: