Leave name of clan and or name of what ever made up army you want and be included in my stories battle my clan members that have a task. I will work what ever person,leader or state you want into my back stories of my clan . (keep in mind this is all fake sanarios and is no different then regular play no special acess to maps units or any other things of this sort) i give snarios to my members to do task that involve special things like fighting without cav. But i need enemies and rivals to fight agianst. I wil message you the back story that includes you in it but not my clan members task and set up a battle time


Please keep your names and states reality based not nessesarially real but no fantacy stuff or star wars


Post a screenshot of any of my members on the board claim your territory. Name the state you wish to conquer(the words are tiny sorry) go to samuraiwars.org to download to see closer. Just say random and i will give you one of the territories of the person you conquerd. all states require a screen shot of a battle of me to completely take full state then once my whole state is gone i can rechallenge you but on your reasonable demands for instance battle me without range etc. But you can only choose for instance only 4 units at max to choose for me not to play with, after i claim my territory i can choose who to put in that spot. Post a screen shot of H.S.C members i will put your logo over theres claiming the territory you conquered.


Also my own men can challenge fellow members to gain more territory. Name the state you want and want to battle for. Certain rules may apply to make things even when battles with in members


Hay erik am I still part of hsc


I want numidia and carthege


Ok …





10 months later…


Dont worry your guys game will suffer the same fate


Ours is just a clan game and whoever else wants to be in