H.S.C tips still Editing


1.when first approaching battle field first organize ur formation then see where they placed there projectiles like here in red move ur army to opposite side of them and force them to move there formation

if there is no clear projectile placement move 2 furthest point from archers keep cav close to projectiles and projectiles close to infintry main body (green square) projectiles and cav move faster then infintry so be sure not to get to ahead of infintry it will leave them exposed so if there getting 2 far hault or walk them to slow them down use multiple movement Feature to hault or move them together to avoid deorganizing ur formation

keep a tight formation like ths in ur infintry in(green circle) circled stacked or close to each other to fighting in ths formation lets ur projectile units pull back into ur inf (red arrows) forceing pursuing enemys to either pull back or run into ur infintry

how to infintry battle keep infintry stacked close then double tapping to activate multiple movement Feature by double clicking then holding

holding down slide finger over all units that u want to move once selected release then click darkened unit n move it to lock on enemy ![Screenshot_2017-12-12-09-13-46|690x388] (upload://gPkHB8FRLhtiaYF6TKas1qrUBoi.png)
in actual game looks like ths

after moving observe the units and see the matches recognise the units the (blue circles) are weakest the equivalent of weak pesents but r good when backed by other units (green circle) are part time soldiers mediem strength (red circles) are elites the best trained strongest but when there back aka flank is attacked they can b defeated .while approaching the enemy first 2 ingage (red line) match there stongest with equvlant or higher then the two behind (white line) should back them up weakest 2weakest strong 2 strong the back (light blue) to incomming farthest left to there flank (orange line)

if u stack ur army like ths keep projectiles close 2 ur inf while moving if u c ur opponent start approaching with cav .as u approach there main body hault ur projectiles alowing them to fire if there projectiles are out of range but there inf is in ur projectiles range hault ur whole army alowing ur projectiles2fire on there inf and forcing there projectiles 2 move forward when ur infintry makes contact the furthest3 infintry should ingage (blue circle STILL EDITING SORRY.


all H.S.C members should read