Half of my army gone


I am a man of a loving heart. I love peace, so I decided to play a match. It was a battle that had a deployment phase. When the map loaded I began moving my units. I dragged them outside the invisibility field. They dissapeared. "That's funny" I just closed then opened the game. The usual thing to do when something is odd. When I came back, I had half my army gone... "Wtf...." The ones that I dragged out of the invisibility field where still there, mostly cav. But there were units missing

P.S. I lost at the end, but I managed to make his units go on a massive rout


Thanks for reporting. I’ll fix this one for the next update.


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I’ve had this issue too. In only happens during the deployment stage. It seems like it happens when I am holding the unit and the deployment ring advances over it.