Hay nikodil could you make a game based on rome and have many factions in it


@TheHorseLord Factions, or nations, in one form or another (i.e. unique set of unit capabilities) would probably be required for some of these mods, like roman, but optional in others like ACW.

@Eric_alexder_theg8 Swiping?

@MitsunariIshida Cool, I’ll check it out.


I dont think its a feature based on your reply it must just be a mental thing, when im in an infantry fight i swipe my finger in the direction of the enemies bubble that is more pernouned in are bunched up units and it seems to route enemies units faster


Would it be possible to add a speed boost to general to help catch straglers at the end?? Without making a whole new game. Ive als played roman wars it is very similar to this but it only has a few levels and is only a 1 player game but it is extreamly fun but lacks multiple player game


well yes and it seems its server has been down…
the owner abandoned the game…
i wish this game will be revive with multiplayer online and offline campaign functions


I played that a while back ago but samurai wars is better


@nikodil hay Felix can I have the discord tag


I forgot to add an option for:



So who won at the end


Awesome Nikodil. We all admire the work you have put into this game and this community. It really is a great achievement, but I am just as excited as lots of other players at the notion of different eras. A Napoleonic era would be cool, but I’m mainly fascinated at the idea of different factions. This could be done in this game (eg. Shogun, Ronin, the sung, the chin) etc. Also this period is around the time of the invention of the cannon. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have artillery in this game?


Is that just a mobile game?


You should concentrate on improving what we have Nikodil!


It is but you can only have 5 units and it gets to hard lol


wow rly, a game that can handle 5 units?