Help players test out new SW tactics by volunteering or posting here!


For everyone interested in hybrid tactics, testing new ideas concerning gameplay, or simply testing yourself against a new and odd enemy each time, then drop by and volunteer for whoever may be looking for a friendly taster, who knows it may be a fun and enjoyable experience!


I’ll go over some tactics in game with you. We could probably generate effective ideas. I should be free most times in the next 24 hours. I’m in Pacific Time. Replying to one of my posts is usually a good way to get my attention.


I’m also interested


Yeah I’m up for testing new tactics


Well I’ll be free in about twenty minutes, as a total war fanatic since 2004 I can say that new tactics are always interesting


Do you have a kik group we can discuss on?


PM/DM me your account and I’ll set one up for us, I’ve been wanting to but with the community relying mainly on discord and can get a bit odd to use kik


I’m playing for a while now if anyone wants to talk strategy.