How do I make a custom map


I havnt received it yet


You got it working now, right?


I also can’t figure out how to make a map


Yes but can’t play on it


I’ve also went onto Make Map. But nothing has happened. I picked a map and tried to edit it. But nothing happened


What I mean is I wasn’t able to play on the map I custom made.


How do I add the game to TestFlight


It’s a manual process, and I’ve now added your email so you should get an invite shortly. For more info, see:


Thanks it’s installing now


I haven’t received an email saying I’m on beta yet either


@Derek_Voss OK, invite regenerated just now, let me know if you don’t receive it.


Still haven’t received it


Strange, hmm, generated another one. Make sure to check spam folder too.


It says it’s been revoked or is invalid


Can you try one more time?


OK, did it again


I sign up for beta but I can not make a custom map
So can you help me


@FIGHTING_PEACOCK_142 You need to install the beta. I’ve registered you with TestFlight so you should get an invite email shortly.
(PS. Please not cross-post the same question on different topics, a single post will do just fine.)


How do you make a map though


I can’t make a custom map of 3 or 4