How do I make or Join a clan


Help me join or create a clan please


You can join a clan by posting in clan threads. Many a few clans are accepting right now. If you want to join my clan or someone elses set up a match in discord and or post in the clan thread.


Ok thank you


We can battle now If you want to try out.


Sure why not


Wanna play now




:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: WTF lol that’s random




In my experience clans usually fail more than prosper, I would highly advise having a group of friends get into the game or etc first before attempting that with the community since most are either not serious about the game or if they are usually already belong to one clan or another, trust me I am an eight year vet of political science and I couldn’t design one to float my own self. I hope your day goes swell and that my message didn’t cause any harmful feelings!


In the wise words of noremac “Many a few” we are reaching out to Noremac for a response


I’ve created a new clan but do u know if there are any other clans I can merge with


I would like to try out for your clan


U sure u want to join my clan