How to defeat the bunch formation


//\IF UR GOING 2 ATTACK //\.1st bring ur entire army within range but make sure ur not 2 close. A good distance away stack ur formation 3 deep in a uniform row then seperate ur army bunch ur archers close assisted by ur attacking army wich should b assisted by ur stongest units wich would be ur naginata big spear try to get behind the bunch or atleast away from the archer fire and to add supprt if he is bunched and unexperienced he will probly get the arow aim.lost in the bunch causing him to not be able to re aim but if he is experienced he will b in good control of archer aim so its best to circle around there bunch hitting the archers here and there wich will make there infentry pop out of there bunch exposing them to ur archers. And after u feel u hve done enouph clean up with infintry this isnt a garentee of winning its just a technique ive won with no matter what u use there is no definate way to win agianst veteran player. So b ready 2 change technique and always keep ur infintry together causre more effective but learn to win infintry battles and u will b successful more Often thn not be sure not to attack the archers with ur cav is infintry overlaps them only engage when archers r slghtly in font of infintry