How to play this game - Read First!


Welcome to Samurai Wars!

Samurai Wars is a game where tactical mastery is a key to winning. The goal is simple: command your units and defeat the enemy army. But before going to battle you need to know some basics on how to play. This short guide will get you started.

Download the Samurai Wars game from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). To play the desktop version, point your browser to

The Lobby

When the game starts you will be presented with the lobby screen. Here you can chat with other players and start or join new matches.


The Match List

To join a match, tap/click on the left or right team.

To spectate tap/click the time counter in the center.

The Dashboard

Once you’ve joined the match, tap/click Ready. The match starts as soon as all players are ready.


The Start Panel

Tap/click the round start button in center of the screen the to open the start panel, where you can practice, edit maps, and host matches.



Here you will face waves of computer controlled enemies, and can practice on getting the most kills.


The Sandbox

If you want to make your own map you can do that with the sandbox.


Hosting a Match

To host your own match, you first choose the map you want to use. You can then invite players you your match.


Commanding Units

Selecting units

To select a single unit, tap the unit marker. To select multiple units, first press and hold the first unit marker until it becomes selected, then tap additional unit markers to select or deselect them To select several units, first double-tap and hold until the selection marker is activated, then drag the selection marker unto the unit markers you want to select. To deselect a unit, tap the unit marker. To deselect all units, tap an empty spot on the ground.

Moving units

To issue a movement order, press the unit marker and drag it along the path you want it to move. If multiple units are selected, they will all move together. Alternatively, to move units along a straight line, first select the units to move, then double-tap the destination point.

To adjust the movement of a moving unit, press the unit “ghost” marker at the tip of the movement path and drag it to the new destination. To charge an enemy unit, drag the unit marker unto the enemy marker.

To change the speed of a moving unit (toggle between walk and run), single tap the tip of the movement path. To order a moving unit to run, double-tap the tip of the movement path. To halt a moving unit, double tap the unit marker.

To change the direction of a unit, press the direction indicator (small arrow) in front of the unit marker (or the “ghost” marker of a moving unit) and drag it in the direction you want it to face.

Command bar

Selected units can be commanded using the buttons in the command bar, such as Halt, Move, Run, Hold. and Fire.

The Battle

Melee Combat

There are three types of melee weapons:

Katana - the traditional Samurai sword

Naginata - a pole with a curved single-edged blade on the end

Yari - a long straight-headed spear

Missile Combat

Missile units will automatically aim and fire at enemy units that are within range. To manually aim, click/tap the facing triangle and drag unto the enemy unit. To hold fire, drag to the missile unit itself.

There are two types of missile weapons:

Bows - have longer range

Matchlock - have shorter range

Unit types

The difference between Ashigaru and Samurai is that Samurai are better trained and have better morale, which means that they will fight better and do not rout as easily.

Samurai - professional warriors

Ashigaru - conscript foot soldiers

Cavalry - mounted Samurai

General - the commander of the army

Some Advice on Tactics

This game is easy to learn but hard to master. Study the rock-paper-scissor mechanics of the different units. Use cavalry melee units against missile units. Use Naginata and Yari to defend against cavalry. Yari have strong fronts but weak flanks. Use your missile units to harass the enemy, but keep the distance and avoid getting charged. Use forest for protection and cover against missile. Ashigaru rout easily, unless supported by other units. Use the speed of cavalry to charge unprotected flanks of the enemy. Avoid having your cavalry fight in dense forest. Take advantage of higher ground. And finally, don’t forget to use the forum to discover further advice and discuss tactics with other players.

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I’m putting together a short how-to guide and will add images too. Anything I missed, or questions that it should answer?


This looks really splendid. Great work Felix!


Thanks. And now with pictures! :camera:


this is great hopefully new players notice this tutorial. you forgot to mention how to get missile units to target lock on an enemy unit. also i think you meant rout instead of route.


thanks! updated.


Great job! Just a suggestion, it will be great if you could tag this to the iOS version of the game as there are many people who don’t know how to play. Btw I love the game


A link or something from the in-game lobby is a great idea. :+1:


When I tap the play button on iOS I don’t get a panel it just starts practice???


I have smae problem


This guide is a little ahead of time. Those features are currently in beta.


Oh ok…


Why avoid having your calvary fight in dense forest?


Because the advantage of cavalry is their speed, and open terrain is best for that. In rough terrain and lots of trees, light feet work better.

Unit difference

Thanks So much for this thread, and taking the time to lay it all out!

I really like this game, this guide really helped me and I think it’ll be as asset for future players for a long time!


Plz tell me how to host a match


To host matches, you need Early Access, see


What happend to multiple unit movement feature


We need hidden units man that would be so cool


@nikodil might want to update this post it’s a bit different now since that last update