How to play this game - Read First!


Thanks for reminding, yes I will.


why dont people require profiles there are so many patterns that its hard 2 distinguish 1 from the other and it makes it difficult to know who the more divoted players are and the every now and then player so that i could message the frequent players for tournaments and screen shot games in forum to give the game a story line for the battles . I’ve played other apps that requir profiles and it helps getting 2 know a players techniques and weaknesses and also u can play a little more easy on a knew player so that the complexity of the game doesn’t overwhelm them like it did the people i introduced to the app


u should realy make a video turtorial


Felix please help me some ass is hacking accounts


How do I help develope


I am having trouble with editing my world in the sandbox. I read the tutorial, but can’t seem to do it