How to play this game - Read First!


Thanks for reminding, yes I will.


why dont people require profiles there are so many patterns that its hard 2 distinguish 1 from the other and it makes it difficult to know who the more divoted players are and the every now and then player so that i could message the frequent players for tournaments and screen shot games in forum to give the game a story line for the battles . I’ve played other apps that requir profiles and it helps getting 2 know a players techniques and weaknesses and also u can play a little more easy on a knew player so that the complexity of the game doesn’t overwhelm them like it did the people i introduced to the app


u should realy make a video turtorial


Felix please help me some ass is hacking accounts


How do I help develope


I am having trouble with editing my world in the sandbox. I read the tutorial, but can’t seem to do it






You should make it to were you cam pick what troops you would like to use. And if you could some how have custom scenarios would also be pretty sick. Other than that great game.


Theres a hosting feature you can make custom maps choose custom maps


Ya but you can’t pick like an army like say I like all cav I will get all cav and you like all infantry you get all infantry that’s the bad thing about this game each player can’t pick the army that fits them


Either way if your gonna win your gonna win you have beat me with both so theres some benifit but mainly its your tactic that will prevail


Ya like I cant beat normac but I can beat you I have difficulty battling him cuz he always goes to a hill and I dont like to waite for him to come down so. I attack to soon in your case you are more of an attack player if I had a cav based army while playing Normac I would have a much greater chance of winning


Interesting. Usually, I feel like I attack more. Maybe I have been playing more cautious with you since you are a new power. I did notice our last several games all went the same way. Next time I will try a more offensive strategy.

That said. I feel like when I take a long break from the game I do better when I return because o use the basics rather then some complex strategy. Patience and timing are key a fast advance can give you the element of surprise.


It doesn’t take long its just you made your style on setting up and trying to use complex tactics to remove a hill top fortifier. Ill tell you how in steps

1.charge in a loop out of enemy range towards flank

2.herass range with cav as your closing in

3.move range to higher turrain if there to high to hit. hault your range once in range (leave1 guard)

4.attack range if exposed keep firing to rout enemy as u attack with inf


Ok thx man I don’t really get the loop attack can you show me tomorrow


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Well said sir


ay thanx