How to play this game - Read First!


Dead? not at all! I’m actively developing the game, expecting to continue be working on “boring” server and infrastructure stuff until the end of the year, but after that I will move on to new exiting features. I posted a short note on the roadmap here:


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who likes my map??? its called the Trident, inspired by the battle ground for robert’s rebellion in GoT


I want to battle my friends how do I


@Qdawg18 Just join the same match in the match list


Hello! I’m brand new governor these Forums such, can someone explain some stuff to me? I don’t even know fin i’m doing THIS right.


ANd my English is BAd sorry, sorry.




What do you need to know


Advanced stuff.


Like what


Wat language do u speak


Join my house


He doesn’t want to join


IROnicallya german


Battle tactics, placement, etc


But I live in America, in a german family who speaks English, sorry.


Nikodil I Wanna ask you how do you change your name in the forum?


Go to settings Change your name then reload the game sign in and out


Am besten findest du einfach selber eine gute Taktik für dich. Versuche auf jeden Fall nicht direkt zu pushen und stell dich erst mal so auf das die Bogenschützen vorne sind, Nahkampfeinheiten neben oder hinter den Bogenschützen und der General güt geschützt weiter hinten aber nicht ganz hinten falls du eine Flanke übersiehst.