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Will there be a change to set a limit to the amount of ammo or at least the speed of units…the game has turned into a run and fire kinda deal…no one really battles anymore they just watch players run and shoot and do it when they play…setting an ammo limit will force players to do battle and actually fight…lots of fun is being sucked from the game because this always happens. I see battles when one player is trollling the other cuz he doesn’t have range and won’t attack cuz the other has the location advantage or it’s one way or the other but I always see battles when the ammo makes the game not playable because players are running


Limited ammo sounds interesting indeed.


It’ll stop the bullshit corners players play and avoid bullshit chasing around at least make the fuckers tired! Too boring chasing around people shooting forever when I can play someone actually wanting to battle…no mas style is like flies around shit…surrounding the flies and spraying their ass is the only way may not get it the first or second time but you’ll get him…then what? Just know how to kill flies…simple and boring not worth the time


Lol not even close to what Tulak is trying to suggest! “ Keep my unlimited arrows cuz I like beating players with this style but when they learn how to beat my formation I like to run away and troll cuz I’m scared” lol that’s totally you!


Can you shut up you sound dumb what is complex about running away? I fully believe if he was to set a limit on ammo you wont win as much


Haha I set formations up and traps …you bulk up fire and run…not much thinking there…then you run…you’re easy to beat and read but annoying to chase when you do lose you little troll lol so why play you when all you do it literally run away…a set amount of arrows will make you use that head of yours and put some nuts on you (; maybe you’ll switch up then and actually be a decent player on this game :man_shrugging:t2: But can’t hope for much as soon as the arrow limit is set I doubt you’ll be playing any more :cold_face::ok_hand:t2::sunflower::kissing_heart:


You’re stupid! Lol if there was a arrow limit there shouldn’t be a refill option! You are trying to smooth in the don’t change arrows cuz you are a crap player lol and stupid…that’s why you can only bulk up and fire and run…your head starts too hurt and your hands get clamby when it’s timw to lose that’s why you run with one unit! Lol you fucking pussy! :joy:


We can battle whenever fam


I bet you need arrows to win lol


I think we should remove our shit this is for beginners to learn nothing else…


My dude… First of all you obviously didn’t see that he didn’t want a refill option but just said there would be one.

Yes and secondly, of course, it’s annoying and mostly players with no skill like me do it but it’s still a tactic you can use with run and shoot. I’m not saying that I don’t find it annoying but that it’s still a legit tactic if people want to use it to win.


Tho I must say it would change the gameplay with a ammo limit and would in some ways improve it.


Right but you shouldn’t be able to do it for an hour after the inital battle is what we are saying


Well yes I agree. But then it DEFINITELY needs a on/off button for “free fire” because otherwise your archers are just shooting off all the ammo without you noticing.


If I were u I would just…TENNO HEIKA BANZAII!


Time limit and kill bord like on Total War would fix that


Hey No Mas would you maybe know your total war Twin Peak? He runs and mostly everyone hates him like you you guys should merry eachothers sisters and have kids who would be called Runners hahaha


Hey Scipio im back


What have i missed so far


Yo man lol I’m now James Wellborn not Scipio