How to work together as team


stay close to each other whoever chooses to attack first should be backed up by team mate the teammate with the most cav should be used as hit n run on apponents archers and to cause disorientation but its important to not ingage with the infanty cause the cav will b very useful in the end after most infintry are gone if u can keep a fresh cav that would b better try to place ur archers either at the fleeing enemy army or the ones chasing ur routers when the battle is going try not to shoot ur own men when there wining the infintry battle cause it will make ur men rout and possibly change the advantage to there side if your losing the battle it would be better to shoot in to friendly only if u have less suppurior troops cause if u have naganata they are the stongest if they have support there is a good chance if there not to outnumberd u can come back


I like this one



But it’s so much more fun to split and each face your own opponent!


True then u would probably like CB game rules


Thanks this was helpful =D