How would everyone react to a retro styled central RP territory map?


alrighty, well I’ll begin making the map on a 65x65 tile canvas, it will look pixelated like a good NES game or such, and afterwards we can all get to work on making an agreeable ruleset?


I would like a central mountainous region. It is a small nation with fewer citizens then most, but the people are hearty. The nation is formed of multiple nomadic tribes that have recently formed an alliance under their first monarch, King Asger.

Population: 80,000

Boarder: Multiple nations, if possible.


Actually you are describing quite well a mental image of what I think your nations should kook like, I’ll try to think on mine in the same way and post it, I won’t do anything batshit crazy but I have something in mind for my nation, really small in several cases having washed ashore as a trade ship from a Latin land, now second generation Japanese Latin hybrids, rely mainly on melee historically, having faced an imperial army and nearly dying out during the war, a rough nation with a substituted government, held together by strings in the aftermath


I’m really excited for this. How will taking very territory work? I imagine there being a lot of unclaimed wilderness that players will be able to take more easily. To take land from another player you have to fight that player.

I also think it would be fun if players could contract mercenaries >.>


mercs could be hired from either friendly territories at a price, or from neutral states, where small unclaimed villages of nomadic people live, to take a neutral land you must face one player at random who will simulate the enemy army, or survive an agreed practice mode kill amount based on land size you want to take, hiring a merc army is cheaper than recruiting a standard army (1 production per territory owned per day, five production to make an army costs three production or as a gift from a friendly state to buy an army, to get one randomly you pay four production, merc armies are paid to the parent nation at three production initial, say to normania, and then an additional two production each turn, maybe one dunno. Armies you recruit yourself by using full production cost will require no upkeep, instead of the clunky unit by unit system I figured a full standard army system would be best, where you lose a battle you lose an army, you win a battle you keep that army no matter the losses. Its simple and fair, though I want to add a screenshot for victory method and a let’s say, you win but only have three units left, you take three tiles of the enemy land. This will make keeping that army as healthy as possible in battle important. A maximum of three battles per day per nation, the ultimate winner will receive a personal SW retro art 250px250p emblem, or any type photo creation you want and I will remake it to complete specifications until satisfied. Also for diplomacy its standard RP diplomacy, the only trade I’d with making and selling merc armies and conquering land, each territory you own (complete territory) gives one production, each nation starts with six armies, enough to ensure a fair start for all levels. Production can be given as an offering when peace is held, or as a demand. Territories or an amount of tiles can also be demanded on peace, and with peace you can also demand up to a hthird of the opponents remaining armies. If the other person declines these offers or demands then war may continue until diplomacy, or the crushing blow of a katana to a crown, does it in. When players are removed from game they are given honoursrt emblems or etc in 65px65p retro art for playing. And if there is anything I left out I would love to know, and one last thing, alliances are okay only during war, war when declared by let’s say three nations on one may form a military pact to not inter harm or invade another’s land whilst all armies are at war. Economical alliances are okay and may not extend more than two armies per day or ten production traded. You can sell territories as well with asking production or another territory, certain amount of tiles, or an army or however many in exchange. Ultimately if these aren’t fitting or seem to complex I will happily change to howeve, also when battling a neutral territory no matter what it is a single battle situation, to take the territory you only need to win one battle, if you lose that territory doesn’t take land.


Sorry for any grammatical errors, in app forums does me this way.


I like to use a different app, like google docs, and copy it over for longer posts. The only thing I am confused on is the armies, their production, and how that relates to SW gameplay. Is the amount of territory we can conquer dependant on our army sizes?


Sorry I need up in a cell dead zone for a few days, I am straightening out the last detailing and it should be finished and ready for tomorrow morning.


I haven’t been to active in the forum, but I am still playing. It would be good to see this happen. I imagine it starting as a blank slate, and people and choose what kind of tile to place. Defenses or resources would cost more victories. Then a basic grassland.


That sounds cool id b a part of it if i dont have to do anything ill send u emails of screen shots of battle outcome


If @ResimusChaste doesn’t start it up soon. I might take over this idea.


I think it would be nice for the RP asspect (as well as bragging rights) to use the map as a sort of dynamic interactive display of top players/clans. By granting those who can maintain dominance, there is not gameplay advantage, but the areas of the map would show your banner, name, custom label for the region, etc.
The score can be monthly/weekly to keep veteran players from eternally holding locations, so from one period to the next it could be considered an era. This would lend for natural RP elements which are organic and outside of simply player fiction.
For example: The top region could be considered a great city, and successive regions less prestigeous. When one faction topples others, the RP follows the geopolitical scorecard map. Within this power struggle, stories and characters are both anchored in something tangable, while the gameplay remains unaffected. If one player/clan is not repressented on the map, they could be considered in hiding, or reduced to a tribal horde either within or outside the territories.
I think it would essentially be a glorified scoreboard, but a very uniquelly engaging one as well as a springboard for RP that reflects the skills and true renown of good playing. Otherwise the Greatest are simply those who spin the best yarn (tell tales).
Nice post, would love to hear thoughts
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What is RP


That’d be awesome, imagine maps influenced by Japanese battles from history and some chinese battles!