I am back and with a new name


Hay guys its me Scipio


Are you back with a new style!?


Ya new stile it’s called gangam stile oh and also Crini stile


Haha after my loses I guess I should re amp my style

Looking forward to our future matches fellas



You really should play more…looking forward aswell!


Guys let’s make a clan


Get on PUBG man it’s dope spent 7 hours the first day on the game it’s tits

But forsure I’m coming back with a vengeance aha


Believe me I dont need another game to get stuck on…this one is taking too much time…


And if I was going to, I’d open a new account on world of tanks


And I play fightnight online aswell


I know the feeling


:martial_arts_uniform: I’ll see you all soon enough just enjoying my summer Be ready samurai