I am looking 4 a recruit that wants 2 be trained by me to be my royal guard


requirements//u should be a frequent visitor and love ths game be eager 2 learn how to play n get better will listen and try the tips not get bored with long sessions and are willing to listin to instruction and implement them in there games also be very competitive love to infintry battle and wanna be part of my game KINGDOM in forum to show the land u conquer threw victory shots
so if ths sounds like u then leave a reply 2 this post if ur not good at keeping in touch thrw forum please dont post
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I would. Like to be your royal guard


we will first start with multiple movement Feature read usefull units and tips in forum follow my instructions in my post pics that i posted there read all techniques and try ur best to use them give me a status report after u tried them or reply if u didnt understand or are havn trouble with its function their r a few minor glitches in it though try it first if you dont get it reply to me