I am new are this game really


Then it’s time to put it down


I’ve helped run big clans in a game called Travian. It was a lot of work and took a lot of time. I tried to train the whole clan to attack certains points at the same time. Also shared good villages to farm. The good players would eventually get absorbed into better alliances.

Each game last like 8 months or something crazy. You are litterally playing all the time. I could never make it to the end game.


What? A game lasting a few months? Thats insane! Who would have time to do that?


It was rough. Eventually it get to the point where it takes days to upgrade a building and mo the to train an army. You don’t have to play constantly, but you need to be constantly available to look for attacks and continue to farm noobs. I would set alarms in the middle of the night so I could respond on time.



Is it popular?


Definitely. There are server all around the world. At one point the player base diverged and created two different games.


Woah, that’s got to be a giant player base in order to create another 2 new games!


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