I asked for beta almost two month ago


I asked for beta almost 2 month ago why haven’t I got it yet


Hang in there trooper


If you requested the beta you should have received an email (to the one that is linked with you SW account) with the key to be actived in TestFlight. If you never received said key then go to the link below and request it one more time.

I hope this assisted you in this matter

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Congratulations Russellja. You just interacted with a girl.


Once you get the beta, you will have that released version for 30 days from when you are permitted to get it on iOS. Then you will have to request again.
Otherwise If you use Android, you will always have the latest released beta unless you decide not to.



I do believe I was given a 60 day version then. Also nice to now that now.


@Russellja Generated new invite, if you don’t get an email soon, let me know.

I’ve heard many reports that the TestFlight invite emails get lost. When looking at the TestFlight admin page, it does say the recipient has been notified, and there’s no way for me to know whether the email got thru or not.

Anyone who has waited for more than 12 hours for an invite, please contact me and I’ll send a new one.


Can I have beta