I call it Samurai Wars is oficialy dead for another 2 years


This game is dead no one plays any more so im probs leaving till I see more action on forum


The only way to have more action in the forum is to invite more players and in courage them to use it


Plus people have things to do and a lot of people are going back to school you can’t suspect them to be on a lot


I have school that’s my problem.


At least on weekends


Why havent you joined discord


Just did


Oh ok are you on it atm


I want to join discord?


link: https://discord.gg/g5nU5P8


Go to the link below you


It says unavailable


Hmm, the link seems to be working, you can also join a server by typing just the invite code: g5nU5P8


How do I host custom matches


Hosting custom matches is in Early Access, you can get that by supporting the game on itch.io


Im also leaving this game, moving on to playing some cs:go


Whats cf


Counter strike


I am actually a new player well kinda I played this game a year ago a bit and now I’m getting back into it