I don't get it , I tryed re downloading , clicking on it


I can’t type in the battle lobby chat for some reason …the blue line is at the s
Top of chat box and I can’t move it I don’t know if this is a bug or not but it sure it bugging me alot


I’m sorry to hear that General Faceless


Thanks it’s bloody annoying just sitting there not being able to give my ally advice on to do


A truly great team doesn’t need to talk to each other they can see from the movements their partner is making what they need to do


Depends who the partner is cause have seen a lot of times where I’m moving forward and my ally goes all the way to a bill at the back of the map or mindlessly charged forward


Who is the best partner u have had in here so far


Mate I fixed it


Also to be honest I don’t really know


What about yours??


General Berserker


I watched him in battle to be honest wasn’t impressed