I need small arms squads


I need commanders and or vassels who can help me make military decisions in order to protect our home from invading forces so i need field officers for certian squads you can reach me by pm or by saying @XxDUPLAR_EEFECTxX


I respect your initiative. We could certainly learn from each other. I don’t plan on joining any other clans until I can ascend as a Red Eye, but if you want to work with someone you can join ARF. I can’t battle much this weekend, but I will be active next week. Think about it.


I will


I have a question duplar




Could I be second in command


Yes but i have to ask what makes you qualified to be a vassel?(not a bad thing ok)


Meening what can you give me that i can utilise on and off the feild?


I can teach you tactics


Cause I see you r losing battles


I win battles and I am a tactition


So a tacticle advisor somethin i rlly need xD


Sure but I want to be second in command


Ow and I will be loyal


So am I second in command


Yep welcome aboard




Np hey wanna do a game so i can show you what i know?