I wana make a youtube channel what do you guys think


Hay guys I was gonna ask @Centurion1 and @Noremac if you guys want to be on it if you do I will give you the email so you guys could record also and we could split it up like centurion Wednesday normac Sunday and I could do it Saturday tell me what you guys think




Whats hmmm mean


Interesting thats what that means


how do u record?


With play games from google play it comes on the phone


If you want you could make vids also if you guys want to record also I will give email


I’m into this. I’ll try to make some videos. The first thing we should do is build up a library of videos that we can start with.

I have a little experience editing. We probably won’t need to do much of that. Videos with voice overs that focus on one topic would be good. Do any of you have editing experience?


I have a bit from editing spider videos it will be like total war videos btw what do we call it


Samurai Wars, Samurai Warriors, Samurai Tactics, Art of Asskicking, Strategy Gaming.

I didn’t nt really mind. You can make the account and get it going if you are super serious about this. If you do I’ll make some videos.


Well I called it samurai wars I will give you email so you can also post


Or do you want to make email


That’s good You could also make some commentaries of Battle in spectate mode you join with @Centurion1 and @Noremac in discord and talk.
You Can also record tournaments…


Ya thats what its for do you want to be a commentator with me and normac


No my English is terrible :joy:
I Can talk French,Spanish and Arabian very good but to talk English im not reaaaly good my pronountiation is bad but i Can talk a little bit but writing im more good at this


Im half mexican so we can talk Spanish lol


You could comment in French. I have seen quite a few French players here.


Well we’ll see i Will have a PC in 1 month and my phone Will be repaired or i Will buy a new one


I think you should


I would definitely sub