I want samurai wars back


I have been playing. This game for over 2 years, I have been a noob, ok and Maby good , but I have noticed the last few updates have caused issues , adding more updates to fix the bugs are not helping , when I say I want samurai wars back , I want the old one back , i remember when the unit controll panel was added , it sucks , costume map making and all that , it ruined the game , I can’t micro because of the new updates . I want the older simpler game back , Evan if it means no awsome army costomisations or clans or anything


I think you should be more clear about the issues you are having. I haven’t been playing as long as you, but I think the command bar has made micro managing easier.

Describe what about the controls you dislike, what has changed for the worse, and what devise you are using.


iPad. Fine controls aren’t there. Sometimes archers can only hit enemy in a tiny little spot on a hill. Try putting your troops in that tiny little spot with these shitty new controls. A lot of us want the old game back. Maybe you should stop acting like we are all just weird and dumb and accept the obvious reality that the updates have been garbage.


You’re perfectly right about fine controls, I screwed that one up with the previous update and haven’t yet fully fixed it in the current version. I will do another try to fix it in the coming update.


I dont see the problem with that it seems to work fine but thats me


Thank you so much , I just like the old controls beter . The panel honestly is a cool idea , If you can make it like the old way possible with the new controll panel , that would make us aLl happy . THanks so much for being a good dev , I appreciate this game so much , I just want to see this game thrive . it is the best mobil game in my opinion


The old controls you could tap and drag your troops path much easier , trust me , it was smooth and flawless in my opinion


… don’t be rude , I never thought that about anyone . I just think that it is our job as a community to make request and help the dev , this game is add free and has no in game percheses . So this game is a big deal to me , I don’t want the only true good Mobil game based on army clashes with historic units and multiplayer stratagy that isn’t all skill based to die


Ok , so , the new controls make it extremely hard to make your units do things with the pinpoint accuracy that you could do in the past , also , the controls are very glitchy , I’m using an iPad Air btw


Well then, I can’t wait to experience those better controls.


If you look up samurai wars on YouTube from a few years ago, you’ll see the old controls


wow, I just did some refactoring on the gesture recognition code, and now I almost understand what I write


The updates haven’t been all that bad you take the good with the bad

Everything in my opinion has been done right

Now with that being said the tap and drag control was a lot smoother in the past made cav screening a whole lot more easier but you just need to adapt :japanese_ogre:


Its way way worse now… The way it was before was precise and allowed for skill… There is a reason this game lost popularity


well , the new update is pretty good


Thank you for this new update . I can controll my troops again so much more precise like the old days , and it has the controll panel , this update that just came out is as close to perfect as it can get . Keep up the good work and thanks for this awsome game.