Ideas for Development


Help the developers make the game better by giving them ideas


Developers may I suggest an Ai war where u can choose the amount of soldiers you use and or have a practice war with a heap of soldiers and never ending enemies coming at a constant rate and every time you make it to a certain Lv u get a certain amount of reinforcements that would be awesome it’d be like a survival thing and it would show your score in chat maybe or perhaps a leader board even thankyou for making the game too its awesome​:blush::blush:


I think this thread has something going on like this thread already.


Is there another thing like this oh ok thanks for that bro


Hi, I have a couple of ideas of things that I would like to see in the game. Here is a list of some that I remember while I’m writing:

  1. Unit cards visible while playing. Something like in total war, just unit cards that will make it easier to manage your army
  2. Something to highlight part of your army so you can move them in formation
  3. Social features (leader boards, friends list,
    ?clans? etc.)
  4. Deck selection
  5. Siege weaponry (slow moving, heavy hitting projectiles that will help getting people out of their noob boxes)
  6. In depth unit stats
  7. Atack, Defence markers that you could place fast on the map to make your teammates know what to do.


Free for all.

Allow the ability to select the units each player wants insted of being randomly assigned

As well as placement, i would like to group them up.