Im i glitching or you glitched but somthing aint right



I dont know…didnt see u…And MIA? I battled u 5 times today…comon…now I have one last battle n I want Nox…


Ok you don’t mind battling over n over when ur winning being chased playing defence i use your tactics twice and all the sudden they feal labours boring and long​:grin::+1: a tiny taste of :dancer:crini tactics see why people talk shit :grin: its a bitch fighting that tactic. Be strong man u invented it now ima perfect it if you will play me​:disappointed: or will you do like all others you use your tactics on and not play me. Wich is precisely what your doing​:grin:

:dancer: :dancer: crini dont like his own tactics :dancer: :dancer:


I enjoy it when u run…who said I dont like it


There was a glitch I didnt see avatars…I have never ever avoided u…even after I lost to u…stop acting sour now! The last one when u ran n beat me…I want u to play like that every time