Imperial invasion


Hey guys this is going to be a civilized game. One army is a Hun invasion force pushing to take the imperial city of china. There will be 5 attacking forces and 4 defending forces. Th attacking armies are going to be all original to the game.

The defending armies are going to be different. One will have and army of archers and gunmen. Another will all pikemen. The next army will be half cavalry and half swordsman. The next will be the imperial army consisting of the elite sword pikemen, sword man and little cavalry. I hope when you view this you will like to join me. I am the imperial army and the archer army is army 1, the pike man army is army 2 , the cavalry army is going to be army 3. Plz ask to join and I will tell you if you are a attacker or defender. If you are defending I will tell you if you are 1 ,2, or 3 plz do not throw a fit if you do not get the one you want. Thank you all for reading this and I hope you join me in this fun event.

King of Cavalry.


I would like to join this role play


I would like to join


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Hello guys begore I tell you what army you guys will get I need to know if you guys are fine with having to set up army positions before the game starts. Because I am currently figuring out how to make a custom map. If I can not make a city I will meak a large hill with few ways to enter. If so plz reply and I will give you each an army
Ps one of the attacking armies will be the head general and I will tell you who gets head general


To make a custum map u need to download the beta and press the play button and ull see map editor


And if u want to use the custum map u currently have to support the developer on patreon


Ok thank you


I would like to join


Flick missle I would like to thank you for showing me that. Also I’m here to tell you all the armies you each got. Tombobjoe you are defending as army 1, flick you are the head commander of the attackers.laderick you will be attacking . And chief you get defending army 2. Thank you all for joining me this is my first time and once again special thanks to flick Kissel for helping me pull this together that is why he got head general of the attackers and once we fill the positions I will need you all to tell me your time zones and a time you are open so I can arrange a time and if you can’t make it let me know we may have to start with out you. Just so we can do it and have fun. So plz if you have any friends or family who play and might want to join plz feel free to invite them. Also flick I can’t figure out how to place mountains or lakes or anything it may just be my device is buggy or I’m doing it wrong and once again thank you all.


Eastern United States time zone









Now the first pic shows how to move around without writing or erasing hills or trees the second one is how to write u need to click the pen and thee thing (hill,tree,water…) The third is how to erase (erase hill,water…) The 4th is how to smooth out the hill so people can walk