Invincible units?


I need some answers/help. I really enjoy this game, winning or losing. One of kind game that combos overlapping fields of fire with strength and weaknesses of different units and terrain. But recently it seems as though some players have invincible units? Even if my opponent has no reaction at all to my organized or all out frontal attack, and even if I concentrate on a single unit, that single unit will defeat my entire army without any movement or loss. I went through the painstaking process of even making sure I was attacking an enemy on different terrain, all with the same effect. Also happened if I attacked outright or went into a long standoff. Am I just playing against cheats/hacks or is there something I’m missing?

Glitch? Or Hack?

I stopped playing do to this issue. I forced one unit off the edge off the world and it did not fall off or die. This happened so many times that I gav up. Until this issued is solved the game is unplayable!