Join here////////The Roman Legion \\\\\\\\\join here


Can I have into the Roman Empire


Because I love the roman empire and I know so much about it


not to mention I love to be a team player


Are you joining the clan? Or did you mean on the map


the clan, how do i join the clan


Why Spencer we have met


Put this crest :trident:infront of your name then your in choose a place you wish to start on the map and an image of a centurion you wish to be


I’m amused by the people who join here


That’s a dope pic the top one


do I take it from your comment or do i take it out of somewhere else


Centurion is your leader


Go to your emoji option and scroll thrw them till you see the leaf



With these 2screenshot i send my boats to basternia to move my legions to rome

To rome my legions take back what is mine

with these screenshots i take Rome and italia


Centurion+2 scipio-2

@Fooly62 your stationed in Marcomanni directly north of Rome here you can expand


Shure man I’m not even doing territory map lol


None of us are


It dont matter its my own clan stuff the territory lines are established u can defend your territory or not its up to you but if not its fine with me u can defend it by posting screens of victories over me or my clan members and choose if you want a new place or to reclaim lost territory that are near your avatar on map


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