@Ser_Leslie_Pascual @Gral.Edward @TheGamer372YT
we are a group of gamers that are the most active on this tactical warfare game and have built a figurative campain/world for the battles we fight in the forum, being there is no such system in place. We are constantly inovating to mimic realwold scenerios(looking for dedicated youtuber to record tournament\challenged or key battles etc.). There is a lot of depth (both forum and actual) to the game but we will try to take you a step at a time all leaders are veterans and can help just put @(name of person) of a leader to messege them directly

here are 3 catagories when you post to join name in all CAPS what your attitude towards a clan is more towards, all are welcome and have a place we just need to know to know what kind of task/missions to give you

SOME- intrest dont like reading much PLAY LESS than 1 time a week but still want to contibute dont mind posting a screen or two in the name of the their clans Empire their victory screen shots
2.recruit direct players to recruit page

.MEADIAM-Like to play the game but dont quite understand how forum games work but are very intrested in creating an Empire.

task to do
1.Be active, log in so people can see you to strenghthen clan moral
2.Particapate in forum games and stratigise

tasks to do
3.MAX-Are absolutly sold on the game and play everyday primarily the game you play most and have intrest in getting better and plan on playing for the long term

tasks to do
1.make stratigic moves on map grow your bank account
2.contribute to adjusting rules to simulate real mideval war times and problems with forum games bank map etc and brainstorming to add more dimention

a faction/clan of are alliance
leave post below with intest to join a clan of leaders
1.Royal Mercenary Guard @Thehorselord
2.Advance Recon Force @Noremac
3.Blue Shields @centurion1
th leaders will inform you further on there system once you post to join

PS. @Ser_Leslie_Pascual you can only load screens on the google page of the forum for some reason app doesnt work. Links also dont work


You forgot one
FILTHY CASUAL LIKE ME- Screenshotting people quitting
Beating unnamed players
Betting 1 copper against enemies
Not active


No one ever said war was pretty.


No no no, that isnt not pretty anymore, its just pathetic


Me neither.


Although, there are quite a few grammar errors in there. And you might want to make the title quiter.


Ahem… a little bit?


No offence


Several people are typing


But I did get good information from here on what you want I the alliance. I am taking your ideas, HorseLords’, Ninetails’s, and mine to structure an army that will work towards making the community more active


Whomst is private


I know, it maybe easy for others but… its really hard for me to undestand whats going on


I meant you Kyuubi


Whomst is kyuubi


Haha. Me and Canturion have worked on a lot of projects here together so we are use to it.


Kyuubi is the ninetailed fox demon from Naruto.


As long as we play and show are registerd logo it will grow though there are people in differant time zone so it wont be everyone on or playing at the same time i was gonna recruit for players on each opposate time zone to insure players can meet and play


Noremac no, This is not a naruto reference, mtf unit Epsilon-11, codename nine taile dfox is an unit that specializes in taking care of contingencies and scp’s escaping without planned.



In samurai fantasy land you are a kyuubi.