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We know that you know that we know that you know that a tournament talk has been going on for quite some time.
Let me write down things in a really easy manner:
The tournament is a in-forums content made through the in-game battles. It is a knock-out style tournament and the winner will be awarded a fancy patch that recognizes you as the winner of “the First Samurai Wars Knock-out Tournament”!!
The forms filling time has ended, now we will begin to organize the players and begin the battles, we may also live stream the battles in god knows where, so wait for it.
For more information, check out the previous topic about the tournament. Hope we enjoy it

3v3 or maybe 4vs4
Recommended updates and asking about the tournament

NAME(ID): forums- 123 Game- SAMURAI

Timezone: USA Pacific Schedule: 4pm -7pm

Class: individual


I would to be in the tournament


Sign up for Tourney!


Forums ID: Wallu
IGN: Wallu / hwanjoo23
Timezone: Mexico
Schedule: 6:00 to 7:00
Class: individual


Let us know how many players have signed up whenever you get the chance and the names so I may add them to the final tournament page

Guess next step is to figure out how to organize each player to their time zones :mantelpiece_clock:


I filled out this form.


I Like to join the tournament


I would to join this tourney :+1:


Fill out the survey for me then please


Fill out the survey for me pls