Joining tournaments


Question 1: How do I join a tournament?
Question 2: How do tournaments work?
Question 3: Once questions 1 & 2 are answered, when is the next tournament?


There is no certain feature for tourneys yet, so more than likely you’ll need to find a post here and start one with discord and just have a time where everyone is on. Then you could hand out titles for the winners like: This Week’s Blood Lord, or something like that, once I get a bigger clan going I’ll definitely be willing to help u out with this, and we may possibly also be able to set something up the Mercenary Army, or CoolHand Clan. Or both!


Tournaments are organized here on the forums. The last official tournament was held in April. You would sign up as specified on the forum post and will meet any available players online who have the identifying prefix. I’m not 100% sure when the next tournament will be held, but July sounds like a possiblility.

Here is the link to the April tournament.