Keep it here...Hate, hate, but fear!


Just come at me weak ones!

And remember: “Los malos nunca mueren!”


The spineless rodents went offline to gang up and harrass! You cannot bully me mark ass tricks! Your shit is shamefull, and of course that is why you went offline to engage in this cowardly act! This is being a coward not running around with troops on the map!


Salty salty salty , your being ganged up on for being a bully


I don’t want any more shit from u 2. It ruins my experience for the game. Save it for the battlefield.


Shurda , you need to stop “ correcting” everyone’s gramer and calling people ignorant for dong things you think are wrong. Second , hit and run with ranged units is not a cowardly tactic , what’s cowardly is running your entire army away from a fight , or after you have lost all key units running even though you lost


That’s why this whole thing started in the first place


Very true


5-0 yet to win salty shurda


No Mas just because I loose doesn’t mean im bad I just dont have all the time in the world like you so just cut your shit man


I just thrive in hatefull atmospheres…keep it coming! Fuck peace…and the mofakin drug police!


Д’ебиш лайненцата сте всичките…


6-0 score favors me , you still haven’t won , are you so tough ?


Maby your anger has led you to play worse . Anger blinds you


Im just trying to be a bit offencive and make the charge ur time will come…


My time will come. , yes


But hopefully not to you


One can allways hope!


Dude , it’s safe to say I have won the war against you so far. However a peace treaty is still on the table


I think our clans should cooperate and train together. That would make an inevitable war even better!


I have been at war with everyone since the first battle…war never ends!